Educator and Researcher of Human Conversation

Now Running

A story about how I became a runner.

In training: Richmond Half-Marathon

Moving up from from 5.97 and 6.2 miles, I'm  now pushing myself mentally and physically to run a half marathon. You know I love idioms and colloquial sayings so let's just say I'm only "half crazy" now.  I keep considering blogging about it. I doubt that will happen but know that right now, as I write this copy, I'm mentally freaking out that come November I'll be running a half-marathon. Thankfully, I'll have the training team to help me reach my goals. 

The big one: Monument Ave. 10K

I've found that Monument Avenue played a prominent role in everyday conversation here in Richmond.  One of the more positive topics of talk is the Monument Avenue 10K. One I renewed my contract for a second year, I knew I had to make running Monument my goal. I loved my training experience with the Downtown Y training team and am already looking forward to 2019. 

The beginnings: VCU Health 8K

My undergraduate alma mater, Chapman University, has an annual 5k. Way back in 2009, I made it a goal to run that race. I did it, but not without declaring I would never run again. 

Well, the joke was on me.

I knew I needed to work on my physical and mental health and decided to give running another try when University of Richmond's Wellness program offered free registration to the June 2017 Corporate Run. gave running another try. After a successful Corporate Run with my fellow Spiders, I joined the traveling training team for the VCU Health 8K so I could see a bit more of the city.  Turns out, running can be an excuse to socialize and chat - why didn't anyone tell me that before? I now find myself chatting with my student-athletes before class - I now understand first-hand the struggle of fitting in a workout before coming to the classroom, but unlike before, I now know the benefits that workout gives me as fuel to teach and listen.