Educator and Researcher of Human Conversation


Educator and Researcher of Human Connection and Conversation. 


Hi. I'm Andrea. 

Currently, I am visiting faculty at the University of Richmond in the Department of Rhetoric and Communication Studies. I teach courses including Interpersonal Communication and Quantitative Research Methods to some outstanding undergraduates. 

Usually when I tell people this, they immediately ask one of two questions: "Uh, are you evaluating this conversation right now?" or "Why?" If you're interested in asking me those questions, drop me a line! 




Both my Ph.D. (2016) and M.A. (2012) are in Communication Studies from Louisiana State University.  Some of my most memorable conversations occured in Coates Hall with faculty, fellow graduate students, and some great undergraduate research assistants. 

Cognate areas from examinations include: Interpersonal Communication, Listening, Relational Communication, Supportive Communication, and Quantitative Methods

Performance Studies and Rhetoric courses and readings from my coursework which have influenced my scholarly identity in ways I didn't expect include: Bakhtin, Trauma Studies, Ethnography, and Burke. 

I wouldn't be studying and teaching Interpersonal Communication were it not for my undergraduate education at Chapman University (2005). I applied those theories and ideas daily when I worked at mortgage banking for 5 years before convincing myself it was time to help others acheive educational - not just financial - goals. The financial sector seems long behind me, other than being featured on my linked in profile

I'm more of the turtle than the hare - slow and steady wins the race. 







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